Bootstrap your skills: how to keep up with digital worktools!

  1. Make time. Seriously, you have to make time for this kind of sea-change.
  2. Don’t start randomly. There are so many avenues for skill refreshing that you can skim endlessly through poor or unnecessary courses if you don’t plan ahead.
    1. Take the time to review the top rated courses for the skills that you want to refresh.
    2. Choose courses that push you to progressively improve and not just course that promise to “cover everything.”
    3. Pick 3 that can be completed with your specific allowable timeframe.
    4. Mark you calendar with every class/ course relevant date before the course starts.
  3. Don’t waste your time by quitting. This is a serious note: even if you delay, have to extend or repeat a course, DO NOT quit. Remember that the courses you picked are intended to make you go through iterations, to progressively build back and train your skills.

I routinely carry continuing education credits and push for meaning certifications every year. This is best practice for contractors, people returning to work after kids, and those that are changing careers.  Will power is the only prerequisite.